Single Stage Paint Correction Detail


  • All wheels cleaned with Autobrite Direct's  Non Acid wheel cleaner Britegel to remove baked on brake dust and remove contamination spots.

  • Just The Tonic Tar Remover will be applied to all wheels to remove all baked on Tar deposits.

  • Wheels and lower body panels treated with Purple Rain fallout remover to remove embedded bonded contaminants.

  • Power Rinse to remove all dirt and grime

  • Wheel arches, lower sills, door shuts/boot apertures and engine bay will be pre-sprayed with our gentle Citrus wash degreaser to remove dirt and grime.

  • Engine and engine bay cleaned if required and if safe to do so - we will advise on request.

  • Power Rinse to remove the dirt.

  • Pre-Wash Snow Foam bath applied to the car with our popular safe pre wash foaming agent PH Neutral Magifoam via a Autobrite HD Foam lance. Magifoam will encapsulate the dirt particles and safely remove them.

  • Warm Power Rinse to remove the foam covering.

  • Safe 2 bucket and grate washing system used with a quality PH Neutral foaming shampoo Banana Gloss and our luxury Lambswool wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.

  • Power Rinse to remove the foam wash.

  • Decontaminate all surfaces to remove bonded contamination from paintwork with our Mild Clay Bar/Clay Mitt with Berry Blast Lube to remove embedded contaminants.

  • Power Rinse

  • Hand dried using a combination of warm filtered air and our 'Deep Pile' Microfibre drying towel ‘The Reaper' to ensure a safe. scratch less dry finish.

  • Paintwork checked under interior lighting for optimum cleaning and polishing.

  • Single stage machine polish using a Dual Action Polisher & Enrich correct it compound. This is a polishing compound to remove fine imperfections, visible oxidisation and to restore gloss. It also prepares the clean surface ready for protection

  • Ultraslick polymer spray sealant applied to paintwork to enhance gloss and provide up to 4 months protection. (Can be upgraded to Ceramic Coating; Prices from £150 plus VAT)

  • A final coat of luxurious Elegance is applied to add that extra gloss and protection and great finish to the car.

  • Blendz  wheel sealant is applied to all wheel faces to give gloss and protection to help limit dirt and brake dust build up.

  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned with Pain to give clarity and clear vision.

  • All tyre surfaces treated with Tyre Gloss to give a desired high gloss or satin protected finish.

  • All wheel arches are dressed with SuperSheen dressing to give that new look.

  • All exterior trim surfaces conditioned and protected/dressed with Abyss.

  • All chrome, brite work and stainless steel surfaces cleaned and polished with Metal Worx.

  • Complimentary air freshener & complimentary paper floor matt added.

From- £250


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