Wax Off - Wax, Sealant & Coating Removal 5ltr

Wax Off - Wax, Sealant & Coating Removal 5ltr


Wax off strips existing protection from your car ready for your new wax or sealant to be applied. Wax off is ideal to be used in the washing/preparation stages when detailing your car and any unwanted waxes or sealants will be removed. 

Wax off is perfect for the car enthusiast who will want to try different Autobrite waxes and sealants until they find there perfect product, simple and effective to use in the washing stages.
Wax off removes silicone's to ensure the the clean surface ready for your new protection. 

Wax off is a strong wax remover so please be cautious when using this product and please look at full instructions on our how to use section.

Wax off is designed to be ready to use but can be diluted up to 10-1 for economical use.


    • Removes wax coatings, grease, oil and grime

    • Leaves a fresh unwaxed surface

    • Ideal for wax preperation

    • Easy to use & very effective

    • Available in 3 different sizes

  • How To Use:

    So you need to remove your existing wax protection from your car as you have seen another fabulous new wax or sealant product from Autobrite! No problems, this is a simple guide on how to effectively remove wax from your car. 

    Prep your car in the normal way to remove dirt and grime from the car. Use our Citrus Wash to remove dirt and grime, then Purple Rain, Just The Tonic to remove contaminants and tar, again you may want to use clay to remove embedded contaminants from the paintwork.

    Wash your car with one of our quality shampoo's, Citrus Pearl is an ideal Shampoo for this procedure, the cleaning capability's from this product will reduce protection. With your wash mitts or pads your can now remove any remaining dirt or grime from the surface. Our 2 bucket method should be used also to give your car the safest hand wash. When you have finished your wash thoroughly pressure rinse the car removing any foam/suds and excess dirt. Whilst the car is wet, spray Wax off onto one panel at a time completely covering the whole area. Leave on the panel for approx up to 1 minute then agitate the solution with your wash media ensuring you work the product into suds. When the panel is done, completely rinse the panel, if there is no beading, no sheeting present then your wax protection has been removed, you will be able to tell as there will be signs of a complete sheet of water running down the panel with no evidence of any protection, If wax still remains on the panel, you may have to repeat this process until the wax protection has been removed. Apply Wax off to the remaining panels one panel at a time to remove your existing protection. Dry the panels when you have finished in the usual way, we recommend our Reaper drying towel. 

  • Important Information:

    Surfaces to be cautious of are SMART repairs, shoddy finishes from bodyshop work, delicate vintage paintwork and single stage paint. If using the product on these surfaces proceed with caution and test Wax off on an inconspicuous area. Your looking for paint transfer of paint or hazing. If none of these are present you can use Wax off with confidence. 

    Do not leave on plastic parts for long periods
    Avoid using Wax off in extreme hot temperatures
    Do not leave on the surface over the recommended time