Supersonic SPRINTS - Spray & Rinse Top Seal (SP-RIN-TS) 1ltr

Supersonic SPRINTS - Spray & Rinse Top Seal (SP-RIN-TS) 1ltr



  • Water based, cross linking, highly reactive, SI02 based, nano-hybrid, spray sealant to add extensive protection and gloss quickly and easily whilst rinsing your freshly hand-washed vehicle.
  • Protects from UV, heat, oxidation & bird lime whilst adding incredible hydrophobic properties and gloss to all plastic, paint, glass & wheel surfaces.
  • SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS is best applied to a vehicle which already has a coating of SuperSonic SI02 sealant applied. Doing so will extend the life and boost the properties of the SuperSonic coating.
  • SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS can also be applied to vehicles with other sealants/waxes applied adding additional protection, gloss and stunning water behaviour.
  • SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS is just as happy on a completely unprotected car and will add instant, extensive, hydrophobic water behaviour and durable protection for up to 3 months!
  • A nano-hybrid film will bond to the paintwork or any existing coatings to add protection against fallout, salt and general grime.
  • Has a beautiful pineapple fragrance and is ready to use with the provided spray trigger.
  • Can be used as often as you like to “layer” SP-RIN-TS increasing the gloss, protection and durability of the coating.


  • Do not allow the product to sit on the car for prolonged periods, doing so may cause marking that will require polishing to remove.
  • Avoid applying SP-RIN-TS in direct sunlight or when the surface of the vehicle is hot to touch.
  • Safe for use on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastic trim and wheels.
  • Do not store this bottle in places susceptible to frost. If the product is exposed to cold temperatures it may be irreversibly damaged.

    • Water based, cross linking, highly reactive & SI02 based

    • Protects from UV, heat, oxidation & bird lime

    • Simply spray onto a wet car and rinse!

    • Gives up to 3 months durable protection & gloss

    • You will not believe your eyes when you see the immense water behaviour!

  • How To Use:


    Sprints Spray and RINse Top Seal, is designed for use on a clean and still wet vehicle and requires panel by panel application and removal. Mist the product onto a wet panel covering the entire surface, immediately after application rinse with a high pressure water source to remove all the residual product taking care to also rinse any adjacent panels that may have product overspray.Sprints is safe to use on all surfaces inc glass and plastics. Once the vehicle is complete dry with one of our plush Reaper drying towels. Stand back and be amazed by the water beading and protection...

    Disclaimer - avoid use of this product in direct sunlight or temperatures of 20c. Do not allow product to sit on the surface for any extended period of time.