Magifoam - Ultimate Prewash Snowfoam 500ml

Magifoam - Ultimate Prewash Snowfoam 500ml

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Magifoam has been one of our first flag ship AD products right from the start of 2005. It was the one product we started to produce and to this day its still cleaning millions of vehicles all around the world! Its simple to use, very effective and a ultra-high foam concentrate which produces a powerful and stable cleaning foam pre-wash for your vehicle. Containing a special blend of active cleaners, biodegradable surfactants and foaming agents, when used as directed Magifoam is L S P safe and wont harm your existing wax or sealant protection. With a blast of our Cherry fragrance, Magifoam really is a lovely product to use.

Magifoam gives you a blanket of rich, thick foam and has a great dwell time. Dissolving dirt and grime and ready to rinse away. The benefit of when applying Magifoam to your car is that whilst dwelling on your paintwork it soaks into the dirt and grime, softens it and when you rinse, the bulk of the dirt and grime is removed from the car which greatly reduces the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches during the hand washing step.

Not only Magifoam being probably the most popular pre-wash Snow Foam on the market today, when partnered up with the Autobrite Direct HD Snow Foam Lance there is simply nothing that comes close. Very high quality products that get the job done! Everyone loves the Magifoam and the AD Snow Foam Lance combo.


    • Powerful active cleaning agents

    • Stable dense foam – dwell time of up to 30 mins

    • Wax and sealant safe, Ideal for all year round cleaning

    • Very economical

    • Pleasant cherry fragrance

  • How To Use:

    Magifoam has been primarily formulated to be used in a Autobrite Snow Foam Lance. It is very economical and you only need a little to create the special Magifoam covering on your car. Magifoam is a super concentrated pre-wash Snow Foam that dissolves dirt and grime from your vehicle. It soaks into the dirt, softens the dirt and takes away the dirt , assists in the removal of grime easily when power rinsed. It contains a special blend of biodegradable, environmentally friendly surfactants and cleaning agents that releases burst bubbles and dense foam that sit on the paintwork encapsulating the dirt and grime effectively. Magifoam is also safe for all modern factory clear coat protected surfaces including alloy wheels. As for soft tops, Magifoam is also safe for your fabric or vinyl soft top covering. We do not recommend using Magifoam over your engine bay and engine parts. Although Magifoam can and will create some awesome, thick dense foam and many may like this. However its probably not the best way to use Magifoam to its full potential. Having a thinner, blanket of foam dwelling on the car will have a longer contact time and of course penetrate into the dirt more and potentially pull more dirt and grime away from the surface when you rinse. Having thick foam, whilst it looks fun and funky, this tends to drip of the car in big clumps and disappears from the surface a lot quicker, not taking as much dirt and grime with it. When you get the correct Magifoam consistency, the foam will dwell on the car for up to and over 30 minutes, making Magifoam one of the best foams on the market for removing dirt, grime and contaminants from the car. 

    Here is a simple guide on using Magifoam in conjunction with the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance. 
    After cleaning your wheels with one of the AD wheel cleaners, its time to de-contaminate the car with our Citrus Wash to remove heavy ingrained dirt and grime. This will remove any unwanted contaminants before we go with a coating of Magifoam. 

    Place 1" to 2" of Magifoam into the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance and fill up with cold water. Shake your Magifoam mix. Pre-rinse your car and remove any loose muck and dirt. Apply a coating of Magifoam at the desired thickness by adjusting the adjustment knob on the top of the AD Snow Foam Lance. Starting from the top to the bottom of the car adjust your spray angle on your AD Snow Foam Lance to give you the desired spray angle of foam. Completely cover the car all over including all wheels and wheel arches (please be aware if you have ceramic discs). Apply a thicker coating of Magifoam over heavy muck and dirt. Magifoam can dwell on your car for up to and over in normal weather conditions, we recommend only 5-8 minutes in hot temperature conditions. Rinse Magifoam thoroughly with pressured water starting from the top of the car working down panel by panel pushing the Magifoam off the panels. If you do happen to leave Magifoam on your car for longer than recommend and it drys on the car, simply wipe away the Magifoam from the panel with a Microfibre towel.

    Keep away from Children and Animals. If ingested seek immediate medial attention.

  • Important Information:

    • Can cause skin irritation
    • Can cause serious eye damage
    • Can cause serious eye irritation 
    • If ingested seek medical attention
    • If the product enters the eyes, wash immediately with water for several minutes
    • If contact is made on skin, wash with water
    • Do not empty into drains
    • Keep out of reach of children and animals