Just The Tonic - Tar & Glue Remover

Just The Tonic - Tar & Glue Remover


The Autobrite Just The Tonic Tar & Glue remover is an excellent, fast acting solvent-based product that quickly dissolves tar upon contact. It removes the most stubborn, heavy deposits of tar from the car with ease. Its fast acting formula works so well when contact with tar, it simply dissolves before your eyes. Also Just The Tonic is effective of removing transport wax, glue residue from stickers from windows and not many people know this but if you have an ink or oil stain on your carpet in your car, Just The Tonic will remove them with ease! Just The Tonic will even break down and remove chewing gum from carpets and interiors, a top tip there from AD!

When using Just The Tonic in the preparation stages and because of tonic's fast reaction time at dissolving tar, there is no contact and certainly no rubbing or scraping the tar from the car so this is a massive bonus and an extremely effective way of removing contaminants such as tar. No scrapes, no scratches and your not inflicting any further damage to the paintwork 

Just The Tonic works on all modern paint finishes. Just The Tonic also works on clear coated alloy wheels, steel alloy wheels and powder coated alloy wheels too. Just The Tonic works on glass, chrome bright work, bar metal, painted solvent-resistant plastics, trims and even rubber! However Just The Tonic is a solvent based product and on some certain surfaces it may cause issues and damage. Surfaces to be cautious of are SMART repairs, shoddy work from bodyshop work, delicate vintage paintwork and single stage paint. If using the product on these surfaces proceed with caution and test Just The Tonic tar remover on an inconspicuous area. Your looking for paint swelling, transfer of paint or hazing. If none of these are present you can use Just The Tonic with confidence. 

Now our Just The Tonic tar remover 500ml comes with a upgraded chemical resistant trigger. Ideal for the heavy solvent products.


    • Excellent cleaning action

    • Free from chlorinated solvents

    • Effective on most hard surfaces

    • Safe on most painted surfaces

    • Removes tar & glue residue with ease

  • How To Use:

    Just the tonic is used after the Purple Rain decontamination process and removes tar deposits from exterior paintwork and alloy wheels. It rapidly breaks down by dissolving the tar into black streaks which then are easy to remove by simply wiping away with a standard work towel. Just The Tonic also removes any brown tarnishing that is present on the surface, dissolving it upon contact. 

    Apply Just The Tonic to the surface liberally to the affected areas, leave the product to work for up to 2-3 minutes, Just The Tonic will start to work instantly. Do not let the product to dry on the surface, if you do leave the product on longer than the recommend time - re apply more Just The Tonic to the surface and remove with a work microfibre towel.

    If the tar deposits are still present, you may need to re-apply for a second coat. In some cases, tar is more difficult to remove. A blast with Just The Tonic to leave a clean tar free area! 
    Just The Tonic will degrade if not remove your waxes or sealants on the surface and you may need to re-apply.