Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protectant

Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protectant


Jaffa Clean has been formulated to remove dirt, grime, light grease and leave protection behind in one application. This is perfect for all engine bays, door & boot shuts and any other greasy panels/parts where light grease/oil accumulates. Just one spray onto the panel/part, agitate with our DBS brush set and rinse leaving a grease free and protected finish. 
With a selection of special ingredients, orange scented Jaffa Clean will ensure a safe, easy and effective clean no matter what the surface. Specially effective on door shuts where grease and grime lives leaving a clean and gloss finish. Autobrite Jaffa Clean will dilute up to 5-1 if required too making this product very economical to use. 

If you need that one product that cleans and protects whatever it touches all in one, then Jaffa Clean is for you! Perfect for engine detailing and leaves your engine bay looking lovely!


    • Formulate to cut through grime, grease and oil to leave a glossy, clean area

    • Designed to work on exterior car panels, engine bays and door/boot shuts

    • With a special selection of ingredients to leave a grease free finish

    • Effective and economical to use - dilutes up to 5:1

    • Hint of orange fragrance making this product great to use

  • How To Use:

    Spray Jaffa Clean onto the surface to be treated. This includes engine, engine parts, plastic and rubber parts or paintwork. A light mist is required only, do not over apply the product as that is simply not needed. Spray Jaffa onto the surface and leave to penetrate for 1-2 minutes, then with your Mini Reaper, Guvnor or a microfibre work towel agitate with the DBS Bush and wipe away excess.

    Repeat this process with Jaffa Clean if more dirt/grime still appear on the surface. Heavy greased up parts may require a coating of The Demon to rapidly break down grease and oil deposits.  

    As you will notice Jaffa Clean cleans and protects in one application, this makes the task easy if you have only light dust and dirt on the surface.