Hellshine - The Reaper - Super Plush Drying Towel

Hellshine - The Reaper - Super Plush Drying Towel


The Reaper is a super thick, super plush and super soft drying towel from Hellshine. Developed to dry your car easily and safely and to keep your paintwork swirl free.

The Reaper is a 60 x 60 super plush water absorbing soft thick pile drying towel that is safe to use on all paint surfaces. A unforgiving drying towel that eradicates the unholy water from your car or bike! 

The Reaper - H20 wont know whats hit it! 


    • 60 x 60 size towel

    • Super plush, super soft

    • 1000GSM towel quality

    • Absorbs water like Hell

    • Thick and fluffy pile

  • How To Use:

    Simply place The Reaper onto your panel, pat dry (or wipe gently) and send water into the 1000GSM ultra plush afterlife!