HELLSHINE: Pain - Smear Free Glass Cleaner

HELLSHINE: Pain - Smear Free Glass Cleaner


Is your glass giving you hell? Streaks and smudges just wont die? Then bring on the PAIN!

Hellshine PAIN glass cleaner is a quick spray glass cleaner that rapidly breaks down dirt, grime, finger prints, grease, bug and fly splatter, bird lime, tobacco smoke and vape fog/residue. Just one spray from PAIN and the dirt is gone! PAIN spreads easily and works into the surface and removes the grime instantly. 

PAIN is ideal for windows, mirrors, helmet visors, acrylic perspex, window tints, convertible soft windows and particular safe and ideal for vintage and delicate surfaces.
With a very unusual but beautiful fragrance PAIN is very pleasant to use and gets the job done!


    • Smear Free Glass Cleaning

    • Suitable for all glass and perspex

    • Suitable for helmet visors

    • Easy on, easy off

    • Leaves no streaks

  • How To Use:

    PAIN is very easy to use and rapidly removes all your unwanted dirt and grime for the glass surface.

    The tools you need to that awesome, crystal clear finish. We recommend our Enforcer along with PAIN for that streak free finish

    Spray PAIN onto the glass or perspex surface, immediately after agitate with your Enforcer and clean the surface. You will see the dirt and grime disappear. Repeat the process is dirt and grime is still evident.