Fuzz & Tim have joined forces with Autobrite Direct, one of the world’s best car care and detailing product suppliers. ‘Fuzz & Tim’s Classic Car Care Kit’ is suitable for car’s both new and old. With a range of products to ensure your pride and joy looks its absolute best! Developed in the UK alongside CAR SOS’s Fuzz Townsend and Tim Shaw, these products have been extensively researched and tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. All the cars on the upcoming series of CAR SOS have received a complimentary detail from the Autobrite Direct team using these exact products! A perfect gift for the CAR SOS-AGE in your life!

2 x Microfibre Towels

2 high quality microfibre towels. Use the green towel with the Smear Free Glass Cleaner and the blue towel for buffing off the All in One Polish/Glaze/Wax.

2 x Foam Applicators

2 soft foam applicator pads. Perfect for applying the Trim & Tyre Gel Dressing and also for applying the All in One Polish/Glaze/Wax

Soft Wash Mitt

Use alongside the Wash n Wax Car Shampoo to ensure a safe washing process. A soft, wool wash mitt that will help to prevent scratches, swirls and other marks whilst cleaning your car.

Wash ’n’ Wax Car Shampoo – 250ml

A shampoo that quite literally has it all. Offering gentle yet powerful cleaning & great suds.

Perfect for ALL exterior surfaces including paintwork, wheels, glass and plastics.

Dilutes up to 1:200

Trim & Tyre Gel Dressing – 250ml

A super durable tyre, rubber and plastic dressing that gives a great finish to your tyres & exterior trim.

Vary the finish from satin to gloss by simply applying more coats to increase the gloss.

All in One Polish/Glaze/Wax – 250ml

High quality all in one product that cleans and polishes exterior surfaces such as paintwork, wheels, glass & chrome.

It’s glazing properties also help to mask minor defects and swirls whilst its high quality carnauba wax content offers brilliant protection & gloss!

Smear Free Glass Cleaner – 250ml

A ready to use, effective cleaner for glass and plastic. Safe for use on all glass, aftermarket and factory tints, LCD screens and more.

Perfect for regular use to maintain that crystal clear finish on your glass.

  • Product Features

    • 2 x Microfibre Towels
    • 2 x Foam Applicators
    • Soft Wash Mitt
    • Wash ’n’ Wax Car Shampoo - 250ml
    • Trim & Tyre Gel Dressing - 250ml
    • All in One Polish/Glaze/Wax - 250ml
    • Smear Free Glass Cleaner - 250ml