Elegance - Luxurious Detailing Spray

Elegance - Luxurious Detailing Spray


Here we have the Elegance! Elegance is a luxury all round detailing spray from Autobrite Direct that gives you that luxury finish your car really deserves. Elegance provides you with ultimate gloss on all paintwork surfaces with a single spray, wipe and buff. Ideal to use when the wax layer has been applied to the paint surface, then a quick and easy detailed finish with Elegance is all that is needed. Elegance can also be used on all automotive surfaces including lacquered wood, alloy wheels, glass, leather, plastic trim, interior dash and plastics and stainless steel. Elegance cleans, conditions and protects instantly. Bring back the smoothness and protected finish to your pride and joy with Elegance!

Ideal to use in showrooms, car shows, final finishing after applying a wax or sealant and removes finger prints, smears, smudging, light marks and soiling. Elegance will not degrade and wax or sealant surface and will only add to it. Elegance leaves a lovely luxury finish and now comes in this stylish aluminium unique bottle - pure luxury!


    • A luxurious detailing gloss spray with a fantastic luxury scent.

    • Safe on all surfaces - will not degrade waxes or sealants

    • Ideal on Lacquered wood, alloy wheels, paintwork, glass, trim and even leather

    • Cleans, conditions and protects

    • Lovely smoothness and slick finish

  • How To Use:

    Elegance luxurious detailing spray can be used on both the inside and outside of your vehicle. Application is a simple spray and wipe, for use on interior plastics spray Elegance onto a microfibre towel and wipe over the surface to leave a clean looking matt finish with a luxurious scent. For exterior surfaces apply a light mist and buff until residue disappears.

    Elegance is extremely good on gloss interior trim,and aluminium accents for a glossy, streak free finish.