Maintenance Detail Package

That Just Detailed Finish...

Our Maintenance Detail Package is ideal to freshen your car's appearance, top up the existing protection on the car to achieve that perfect ‘just Detailed' finish. This package is designed for vehicles that have previously been detailed by ourselves or for customers with well maintained vehicles.

We have also provided you with a few extra protection 'Add ons' you can choose from when booking this package.

  • Abyss High Gloss Sealant - Durability for up to 6 months + from £35

  • 'Autograph' or ‘Blendz' luxury carnauba wax upgrade + from £45

  • Repel windscreen sealant, durability for up to 3 months + £15

  • All Leather cleaned, conditioned, nourished & sealed + from £25 (depending on vehicle size)

  • Fabric roof cleaned and sealed + from £60 (depending on vehicle size)



  • All wheels cleaned with a Non Acid wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust and remove contamination spots.

  • Wheel arches, lower sills, door shuts/boot apertures and engine bay will be pre-sprayed with a gentle Citrus wash degreaser to remove dirt and grime.

  • Power Rinse to remove the dirt.

  • Pre-Wash Snow Foam bath applied to the car with a safe pre wash foaming agent for best results. Magifoam will encapsulate the dirt particles and safely remove them.

  • Power Rinse to remove the foam covering.

  • Safe 2 bucket and grate washing system used with a quality PH Neutral foaming shampoo Purple Velvet and a luxury Lambswool wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.

  • Power Rinse to remove the foam wash.

  • Hand dried using a combination of warm filtered air and our 'Deep Pile' Microfibre drying towel ‘The Reaper' to ensure a safe. scratch less dry finish.

  • Re-application of your chosen protection to bring back a great gloss finish and also boost protection on the paintwork.

  • All glass and mirrors inside and out are cleaned with our Crystal Glass Cleaner.

  • All tyre surfaces treated with Tyre Gloss to give a desired high gloss or satin protected finish.

  • All exterior trim surfaces conditioned and protected/dressed with Bubblegum Trim.

  • The Exhaust is cleaned and polished with Metal Worx.

  • All interior is fully vacuumed which includes dash, air vents.

  • All door cards and dashboards are cleaned and lightly dressed with Pink Sheen which is a non-silicone, satin dressing.

  • Complimentary air freshener & complimentary paper floor matt added.

From- £65